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The Partnership program is a low-risk way for our Partners to make revenue by collaborating with our agency.

The Partnership works like this — the Partner provides a lead and we ensure high-quality output. Once a deal with a potential client is closed, our Partner gets a percentage of the deal.

Leads can come from various industries so Partners are able to work out deals in their preferred line of business. We hope this provides you with enough basic information about our Partnership program. Feel free to get in touch so we can talk more in detail.

About Figmatic

We are a team that provides webflow development services in four big categories.

Design to Webflow
We convert your Figma, Adobe XD or Sketch designs (files) into a high-performing & pixel-perfect Webflow website. Fast turnaround. No contracts.
design tools
Agencies & white label services
We will help you bring your client's web design to life in Webflow in a white-label setup.
Custom Code & Integration
Convert Figma, Adobe XD designs into Webflow sites
Platform Migration
We'll help you create a website that looks just like your current one, but will run faster and work better on all devices.
Our maintenance and support services help you to evolve and optimize your website.
On-demand Developers
On-demand developers for Webflow projects. Transparent pricing - pay as you go
Webflow Projects
Years in bussiness
Hours Webflow Experience
Passion & Dedication


Cooperation with absolutely no risk

If we don’t close a deal with a provided lead, there's no risk for the partner — we can always try again with another lead.


Following a growth in revenue, we are open to talk about extra benefits for the Partner. Cooperation growth can always lead to new cooperation opportunities.

Revenue share model

First year: 15% commision of closed deals
Second year: 7.5% commission of closed deals

Dedicated contact person

Partner will have a dedicated Account Manager for regular communication, monthly syncs, and communication with the provided leads.

Minimum effort in client management

The Partner only provides leads and Figmatic handles the rest

Adaptable strategy

The Partner can focus on a specific market or services (Development, Migration, Suppport, Outsourcing, etc) if they prefer.

Become a partner

If all of this sounds good to you, leave us your info and let's get down to business.

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